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By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Copyright 2012 - Bill Ansell

Background Info & Disclaimer:

This index will lead you to seperate individual index's of interesting and useful PDF files, sorted by suject matter.

These PDF files are manuals, techincal specs, reference documents, catalogs, and other data related to ATVs, offroading, tools, customizing, riding, fixing, and doing just about anything else with or for your ATV or Quad. From drill-and-tap specifications to the latest catalogs there is a wealth of information here and something of interest for just about anyone.

Many of the documents contain hidden data gems that may not be obvious. For example, some of the electrical component catalogs contain very useful and well organized technical data on relays, wire size, selection, etc.

The collection will never be complete, I simply add to it as I come across interesting or useful PDF files in my travels across the web. If you have something worth submitting, please send along a link using the "Contact BillaVista" button on the menu bar. Please do not send sensitive or propietary data - only data freely available in the public domain.

A note about the catalogs: The catalogs available here by no means imply and endorsement of the company by me, nor do they indicate the best, or the only, or the recommended manufacturer of any product - they are included simply because I happen to have copies in my collection. There are many great companies who make excellent products who are not represented on the catalogs page, usually because they do not publish a catalog in .pdf format. If there is one thing that ties MOST (but not all) of the catalogs here together, it is the fact that in addition to containing a list of products they also contain some great tech information or data. Often it may be hidden in the middle or back of a catalog, but there are some real gems buried in there - so even if you are not considering purchasing from a certain company, it's often worth checking out the catalogs as a great source of some awesome tech.

** Important note to READERS: It would be a full-time job to simply keep an index and collection like this up-to-date all the time. Unfortunatly, I don't have the time for that - but in most case, even slightly dated info is better than none. However, and this is a big deal, PLEASE do not use any of the data here and then call up some company and quote a price from a 5-year-old catalog. That ticks them off...A LOT. I know this because, when it happens, they send me angry e-mails and phone calls and insist I remove the material - which leaves us with no info. So - if you're shopping - just check the manufacturer's current catalog or website, please.

** Importnat not to companies, authors, publisers, and copyright holders: I have collected these documents from freely available information posted on the internet at large. I am assuming that such freely available information is provided for general consumption and it is therefore ok to post it here. My intention is only to gather a library of related information in a single convenient, indexed location. It is certainly not my intention to claim credit for any of the works, violate anyone's rights, or otherwise cause injury or hardship to any party. If you are the owner / author / copyright holder of any of the files posted on this website and object to them being so, just drop me a note using the contact button above and I will gladly remove the material immediatly.


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