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    Iron Baltic Plastic (HDPE) Skidplate Review and Installation. Detailed article of my review and installation of Iron Baltic Plastic (HDPE) skidplates on a 2014 G2 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT, with tons of pics and video.
USB Charger on a Can-Am G2 Outlander. Here's a look at how I installed and wired a a dual USB charger socket on my 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT. Now it's easy to plug in or charge a phone or any other device that uses a USB interface. Can-Am G2 Outlander Accessory Fuse Box. Here's a look at how I installed and wired a small 4-terminal accessory fuse box under the seat of my Outlander to make adding electrical accessries safe and easy.
"Under the Hood" of a Can-Am G2 Outlander. A look "under the hood" of my 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT. Video at the end of the article showing tips on removing and reinstalling 3 basic components of the Outlander - the front "gauge support" panel, the "console" panel, and the seat; and what's located beneath them. Can-Am G2 Outlander rear storage compartment. Here's a look at how I crammed all of these tools and equipment in the stock rear storage compartment of my Outlander 1000XT, with the help of a custom-made aluminum divider.
How to remove front & rear racks from a Can-Am G2 Outlander. Includes video. Tiger Tail Tow System Install on Can-Am G2 Outlander.Here's a look at how I mounted a Tiger Tail Tow System to my Can-Am G2 Outlander 1000XT, using a combination of custom-made bracketry and an old modified Grizzly mount. May give you ideas for your own custom mount and shows how to keep it from rattling in the Can-Am 2" hitch receiver.
First Five Mods Complete. A look at the first five mode I made to my 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT: Sticker Delete, GPS Mount, RAM Beverage Holder, Pelican Storage Boxes, and Rotopax Fuel Cans. Pelican Storm Cases for Storage mounted on a Can-Am Outlander 1000XT / How to Remove the Rear Rack. How to remove the rear rack from a G2 Outlander and a look at how I mounted two Pelican Storm Cases to my rear rack for storage.
Rotopax Gas Cans on a Can-Am Outlander 1000XT / How to Remove the Front Rack. How to remove the front rack from a G2 Outlander and a look at how I mounted two 2-gallon Rotopax fuel cans to the front of my Outlander. Can-Am Outlander 1000XT - Walkaround and Initial Impressions. My first real video "article" featuring a walkaround of the 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT and a video look at some of its features and my initial impressions.
Can-Am Outlander 1000XT Slideshow. A quick video slideshow showcasing my new 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT. Symtec Heat Demon Grip/Thumb Warmers with Quad-zone Heat Controller. Nothing beats nice toasty warm hands when riding. Here's how to install Symtec's electric grip warmers and their neat 4-zone controller to independently control the heat level to the thumb warmer, grip warmers, and up to two other heated accessories.
Symtec Heat Demon ATV Seat Warmer. Keep your bum warm and enjoy winter / cold weather ATV riding even more. Here's how to install one. PowerMadd Star-series Handguards. Fitting PowerMadd Star-series handguards to a Yamaha Grizzly with aftermarket handlebars - mounting challenges and a solution.
Rox Speed FX 5" Pivoting Riser and Fly Racing Handlebar Kit. A detailed look at the components and installation of new pivoting handlebar risers combined with wider and straighter "fat bars". ATV Riding in Ontario. ATVing in Ontario is an unfortunately complicated affair - where you can ride, what the laws and rules are, what trail pass you need for what area - it's tough to figure out. Which is a shame as we have some great trails and scenery. In an attempt to help people figure it out, I've created this article on Trails, Passes, and Clubs in Ontario, Canada.
Pro Armor Harnesses. This one is for you SxS /UTV guys out there - take a look at the this offering from Pro Armor. The combination of comfort, ease-of-use, convenience, quality construction and cool, innovative features make the Pro Armor 2" H-style sewn-together "easy in & out" harness the favourite I have used so far. Pelican Cases for ATV Storage Boxes. Here's a look at pretty unique approach I took for storage on my wife's and kids' quads. A good friend of mine came across some surplus Pelican cases at work and I decided to put them to use for ATV storage boxes.
SawGrip Chainsaw Carrier. A look at the SawGrip chainsaw carrier that holds my Stihl saw to the Grizzly 700. Custom ATV Stereo. A look at the custom stereo I built for my wife's ATV.
Grizzly Accessory Fuse Panel How to add a small supplementary accessory fuse panel to the Yamaha Grizzly so adding future electrical accessories is quick, easy, safe (fuse protected) and all controlled by an ignition-switch activated relay - so nothing drains your battery. Defeating the Grizzly Shifter Interlock. A look at how I defeated the built-in shifter interlock on my Yamaha Grizzly so I can shift without having to apply the rear brakes every time.
RZ Masks Dust Mask Check out this quick review of a super-cool product from RZ Masks- perfect for rider looking for a comfortable, effective solution to a face and lungs full of crap after those long days on a dusty trail or a serious session in the shop with the grinder. 12V DC Basics. The basics - from electrons to ohm's law. Covers the theory required by those looking to diagnose, repair, or upgrade their ATVs 12-volt DC negative-ground wiring system.
Fastener Tech. Covers all aspects of fastener tech, from nuts & bolts to studs and washers. Includes what you need to know to select, install, and maintain the proper hardware for the job. Recovery Bible. Of interest to anyone who owns a winch, plans to own a winch, pulls the cable for a buddy, or even just stands around watching a recovery operation. Sections include force calculation, wire rope, hooks, shackles, rigging, slings, yank straps, and much more. Technical data and fact you NEED to know for safe recovery and cannot find compiled anywhere else.
Two-way radios - basic theory and voice procedures. The right communication system, (including the right hardware properly installed, the knowledge and ability to use it, and an effective plan for its use), has many beneficial effects for ATVers, from safety to fun. This article covers the theory you need to know to help you make a decision on which of the may available systems will suit your needs best. Engine Oil & Oiling. Probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know about motor oil and engine oiling: oil tech, viscosity, selecting an oil, cooling, filtering, and more - it's all in here.
2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. The story of a man and his truck - tech data, reviews and commentary on my new tow rig. Installing an Electronic Brake Controller. Installation of the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller in a late-model GM truck.
Tire Tech. A look at tires and the difference between radial and bias-ply. The Cooling Bible. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about cooling systems: pressure, flow, radiator design, plumbing, surge tanks, thermostats, coolant types, and more - it's all in here.
Shock Tech. Covers basic shock and spring tech, examines the types of coilover shocks and their parts, goes over their use and advantages. The Plumbing Bible. A detailed look at automotive plumbing. Covers hose assemblies, fittings, safety, installation, chemical compatibility, pressure drop theory, hose sizing, and all the tech info on the most common fittings from AN to NPT.
Wet Okole Neoprene Seat Covers. A truck is meant to be used: camping, fishing, winter driving, 'wheeling, hauling, and family four wheeling adventures. Add the kids eating and drinking (and spilling) in the back and your interior can easily become a disaster in short order. But not with these! Steel and Materials Strength Bible. This article examines, in some detail, the subject of "Materials Science", focusing on steel and other ferrous metals. The aim is to educate the reader on the composition of steel, it's properties and how to properly interpret them, as well as examine the many different types of steel and their uses.


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